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This french word "Ebéniste" for cabinet maker is derived from the word "Ebène" Ebony, created to differentiate it of the carpenter. (Ebony wood being a precious wood).

In the Middle Ages, all employees work in corporations. Until 1300, all craftsmen are under the command of the "carpentersKing". In 1314, wood workers are divided into different categories : wheelwright, carpenter, joiner. Under the reign of King Francis I, the word "huchier" disappears in favor of capenter.

The Canadian artistic trade schools have a strong reputation for their impressive statecraft,  one example : the Artebois school, specialising in the woodworking. The Quebec Council of the artistic trades promotes the artistic trades in Quebec and abroad.

Sculpteur Eric theriaut 

Artebois school with Eric at Quebec - Canada





The cooper must first make staves, it is these oak slats forming the barrel.

The second milestone is to “form a rose”, the assembly of the barrel, is made by the gradual tightening of these various pieces of wood, surrounded of an iron circle. The assembly obtained is heated to bend it, it is regularly moistened to soften it, to shape it.

The step of “bousinage”, differs according to each craftsman with heating times, more or less long or more or less intense, exerting a different influence on the aroma. The wood used also impacts the tannins, for instance the sessile oak is used for wine barrels manufacturing.


ship's carpenter

The construction of a pleasure or fishing boat begins with the machining and shaping of the various wooden elements. Some pieces are curved.

The carpenter must work the wood to obtain the desired curvature. He has several methods for this, mainly:

- several thin and flexible wooden blades are assembled together,
- the wood is bent directly using steam.

Then the assembly phase can begin with the laying of the keel (central beam) followed by all the frame of the hull. Finally, the interior fittings for the most sophisticated models where several trades are useful (electricity, plumbing, cabinet making ...).

The sealing treatment is an essential step before the application of the paint and where varnish. He then proceeds to the implementation of navigation tools. And finally, some skillful manoeuvres for launching the boat, in a traditional way by dragging it on the beams.



Replica of Jules VERNE's boat
Photo of the documentary fund of the association La Cale 2 l'ile located to Nantes city.




In this field, a difference is made between the relief carving and the sculpture in the round. In relief indicates sculpture detached from the background. The term in the round is used for pieces of which it is possible to go around.

The learning start by the trimming of simple geometric shapes and then, the work of more sophisticated forms. The gestures are repeated many times, before to achieve excellence.



Sculpture with John-Luc GODARD


Wood turner


He models the part on the wooden lathe. It is solidly fixed to the two endpoints of the machine. He adroitly affixes the chisel on the rotating part at high speed.
The rotor speed need to be adjusted depending on the workpiece to be realize.




This art is  the assembly of  decorative wood mainly, and sometimes of tortoiseshell, mother of pearl, metal inlay or veneer.

The origin of this art goes back to Egypt and then to Italy. It then spread into Southern Germany, Flanders and France in the sixteenth century.


Table marquetée Marocaine

Marroco table